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Avon Park is the tenth worst place in Florida in purely scientific terms. According to scientific knowledge, Pahokee is the only place in Florida where you can live with less than 1,000 inhabitants.

The unemployment rate is 7.5% and crime is the eighth highest in the state. So you can imagine that the economy is a pit here. Median income is just below the poverty line, and people living here earn the second lowest salaries in Florida, though most people forget that. According to the Florida Department of Economic Development, the unemployment rate is 7%, the 53rd worst in Florida.

When you look at what the average citizen earns there in a year, Avon Park is on the fringes. It doesn't get much worse when you take into account high crime and high tax rates, but that's not the case, even though everything goes into your pants and says you're choosing a small town in America. But forget all that, it is too far below the poverty line, even though the money goes much further to affluent areas of Florida.

I agree that this is the fifth worst place to live in this state, but it doesn't matter because science says it should be on that list. I # ve lived in Leesburg, and I am strictly protected by the city , so I agree that it is one of the best places to live in Florida.

If you are looking for an area in Florida with a bad economic situation where there is not much to do, this is an accurate list. Grandpa Locka ranks second when you look at the worst places to live in the whole of Florida. Although the numbers for Florida are better than the rest of the nation, the fact is that when you compare Florida's cities, you see big differences. If you want to see something more national, check out this list from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for the 10 worst cities in the country.

The unemployment rate here is 7.6%, and families collectively bring in $37,092 a year, far below the federal average. Leesburg has the second-highest median household income of any city in Florida, with an average annual income of $41,611. The household brings in an average annual income of more than $40,000, and unemployment rates here are 7% and 6.0%.

Say what you like about cheap housing, but the fact is that apartment prices are in line with demand and there is not much demand for housing in Belle Glade. $97,000, which shows the house is the 13th - the cheapest in Florida here. There are not many requirements to live here, so there have not been many homes for sale here in recent years, according to the Florida Department of Housing and Community Development.

There's not much to do here except have a Walmart and a Piggly Wigglely's for fun, but you'd have to drive all the way. And be aware that some people enjoy outdoor activities and others do not.

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To find out how bad a place to live is, you need to know what kind of things people like, and then decide which city has the least of them. Finally, to be ranked as the worst place, a city is ranked first out of 208, with the worst rating being the worst city in Florida. A 1 is bad for a particular criterion, but not bad enough to harm you.

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