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A Jacksonville developer is about to break ground this fall on a long-planned project to build a commercial center on the site that now houses the Deltona Village shopping center and a new movie theater. The development is owned by the DeMarsh family, which runs the DeLand-based Epic Theatres chain and plans to open a DelTONa multiplex to attract more businesses to the Del tona village.

Herzberg said his company expects to build an apartment building on the nearly 20-acre west side of the site, where the first store could open in the summer of 2019. Sleiman also plans to develop a flexible building at the northern end of his property on about half of the west side that could be configured internally to accommodate businesses that need storage space, he said. Plans include a cabinet maker who could also work from it, as well as a restaurant, hotel and grocery store.

Other stores that were very useful to me when I lived in the Deltona area were Save - A - Lot, the grocery store on the corner of West Palm Beach Boulevard and North Main Street. Check out our guide to the best smoke-free grocery stores in South Florida and our list of the top 10 smoke-free restaurants in Florida.

For example, check out our guide to the best smoke-free grocery stores in South Florida and our list of the top 10 smoke-free restaurants in Florida.

If you live in the Deltona area, you'll have no problem visiting Custom Gourmet Goodies by Kate's, which has some of the best restaurants and drinks in South Florida and Florida's 10 non-smoking restaurants.

There is also a restaurant called Love New York Pizza, and after you have eaten, behave as you would like to. Of course, there are plenty of hot dog restaurants in Delta and other parts of South Florida, so try a hot dog restaurant called Yummy Dogs, where you can try a variety of hot dogs.

You can travel all the way to China to try Chinese cuisine at a restaurant like the Chinese restaurant at Doral or even in Hong Kong.

If you ever need accommodation in another part of the city, you can choose from a nice little bed and breakfast called Alling House Bed and Breakfast. There are many hotels in Doral and other parts of Deltona, but if you have trouble staying in a hotel room without ever needing accommodation, your city guests who need a place to stay have the option of choosing from many local hotels.

If you or someone you know is thinking of attending a college in the Deltona area, the Delona Campus at Daytona State College is a great base if you're looking for a place to enroll your child at Daytona Beach High School, Lake Okeechobee Community College and the University of South Florida. Other schools in the DelTONa area include Daytona International University, Florida Atlantic University and Florida State University in Doral.

Also in the Deltona area, Lake Okeechobee Community College, Daytona International University, Florida Atlantic University and Florida State University.

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More About Deltona

More About Deltona